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Account Resources are the category of resources that are primarily used for out-of-mission game progression, featuring primarily materials used to evolve, upgrade, or alter Heroes, Survivors, Defenders, Weapons, and Traps. They can be viewed under the "Resources" section of the Armory. 1 Llamas 2 Account Resources used as Currency 3 Accounts Resources used for Evolution 4 Account Resources

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Whirlpools were various Unnamed Locations in Fortnite:Battle Royale added in Chapter 2:Season 3 to the island Apollo. They were a type of mobility that acted similar to the cooling towers in Steamy Stacks in terms of mechanics and navigating-ability. When entering a whirlpool, you would beO2 Event Quests Fortnite Wiki FandomThe O2 Event quests were a set of Quests in Fortnite:Battle Royale that were released on June 24th 2021. They could be completed by attending the O2 Experience in Creative.The rewards that could be unlocked from completing these quests were the Squeezy Life Spray and the UFOs & Aliens music pack.. The O2 Experience was accessed by going to the Discover section in Creative mode and

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